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Short bio

Android, IoT & Firebase GDE, GalileoU Innovation Lab lead, Facebook Dev Circle Guatemala co-organizer.

Conference bio

Adrián has been involved in software industry for 15+ years, working both in web and mobile apps. Facebook Developers Circle Guatemala organizer, GDG Guatemala, GuatemalaJS and Nodebots former co-organizer. Currently he leads the Innovation Lab at Galileo University and is a Google Developer Expert(GDE) for Android, IoT and Firebase.

Resume bio

I’ve been in software engineering industry since 2005 developing for web&mobile. Currently I’m Google Developer Expert on Android, Firebase & IoT, and was Microsoft MVP (2011/HTML5). I’ve been mobile training facilitator(20+ courses) and startup mentor(30+ events) in many countries of LATAM. Co-organizer of the Facebook Developer Circle Guatemala and former organizer of three local tech meetups: Google Developer Group, JS.gt (JavaScript) and Nodebots(JavaScript+IoT) with monthly or biweekly events of each having 30-40 attendees on average. Also co-organized several local events like Droids4Droids(~75 attendees)TEDxUFM (~500 attendees), Startup Weekend Guatemala City (~100 attendees), Innovation & Technology Forum (~400 attendees).

Have been involved in tech community since 2008 as speaker at several events in LATAM with 20+ talks, 10+ bootcamps and workshops per year about mobile, web, IoT and tech entrepreneurship and since 2014, speaker several major conferences in the US and Europe including RobotsConf, Maker Faire, SXSW, SXSWEdu, MCE, 360AnDev, AnDevCon, Android Makers, Droidcon Boston, Droidcon London, Droidcon Berlin and KotlinConf, reaching ~2000+ developers on conferences each year. Former co-founder of the first mobile development studio in Guatemala (Elemental Geeks) and have developed software for digital marketing (mobile & Facebook apps), banking, telcos and many of the top local companies. I have developed learning material for Android as blog posts (100,000+ views), online courses(15,000+ students) and a MOOC with edX (26,000+ students).

One of my top skills is taking a subject under my area of expertise(mobile, IoT, web), understand the main points on adopting it, and then explain it on a comprehensive, straightforward and simple way with a bias to action and implementation. Currently I’m looking for a role on a Developer Relations team with a position that allows me to build a community, do speaking engagements and develop learning material in order to get the available tools into the right hands.